California Arts and Sciences Institute (CASI) 2024 Student Art Contest
California Arts and Sciences Institute (CASI) 2024 Student Art Contest
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CASI Student Art Contest - California Arts & Sciences Institute - Inspiring The Planets Youth

California Arts and Sciences Institute (CASI) 2024 Student Art Contest

Students of the Central Coast: CASI herewith challenges you to explore the marvelous flora and fauna of our region, and produce an artwork displaying your creativity depicting a species or habitat of your choice. The medium of expression can be a drawing, photograph, painting, collage, or even a sculpture. The top thirty submittals will be exhibited in a grand display at Carmel’s Sunset Center, including a gala reception.

Your school may elect to have a CASI artist or scientist visit your class or entire schoolwide presentation to provide an array of ideas for your inspiration. Our speakers will set forth ideas for splendid natural habitats to visit, and also discuss specific techniques of artwork (e.g. photography vs painting). Our artists are the premier artists of the Central Coast, and our scientists are nationally or state recognized experts in ecology and botany. Our in school presentations will also provide context of some of the Endangered Species present, as well as unique habitats that will inspire you. We will also provide you access to a free online website iNaturalist, where you may choose to publish your art or photography on an ongoing basis.

Works will be judged by an expert panel of five professional artists and scientists in CASI. There will be three top prizes and five honorable mention awards. The top three winners will receive monetary scholarships pursuant to the CASI Youth Scholarship Fund.


  • Contestants shall be high school or middle school students
  • Size of artworks shall not exceed a maximum dimension of 24 inches
  • Entries must be submitted by June 15, 2024

Entries must contain:

  • Student Name
  • Student Grade
  • School Name
  • Title of Work
  • A brief text description of the subject and your reason for choosing this subject
  • Entries to have wire attachment to back; artworks may be framed or unframed.

Entries will be judged by a panel of five illustrious artists and scientists on the Central Coast. Entries will be retained for approximately 90 days after submission for judging and exhibition. Works will be judged on originality, appeal, creativity and subject choice. Any use of Artificial Intelligence must be disclosed. For further details or questions, contact C. Michael Hogan, Chairman of CASI at or by phone at: (415) 429-1029

15 Jun 2024
June 15

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