Speaker Topics
Speaker Topics

Photograph by: Winston Boyer

Energy and Environment
Electric grid: Will it Hold Up?
Power Plants: What kind do we Need?
Vehicle Choices to Achieve Environmental Goals
How Clean is Electric Power?
Solar Power: How far can it Go?
Can we trust the media about climate change?
Based on long-term weather trends, do we face a crisis?
Mentoring and Inspiration
Connecting with the Environment
How to Open the Door
The United States Constitution
Entrepreneur Inspiration versus Perspiration
Film and Broadcasting
Can You Make a Film?
Radio Broadcasting
Can you make it in Hollywood?
How to make Movies without Money
Make Mission Content for your Enterprise
Art History
Our Earliest Art: Indigenous Peoples
Monterey Peninsula Early Art Colony
Legacy of Multi-Media
Monterey Architectural History
Art Investing
Flanders: Save a Historic Mansion
Solar reclamation of a Quarry
Are California Roads Worst in Nation?
California needs Water Storage
Undergrounding Electricity for Safety and Beauty
World Monetary Theory De-Mystified
Defense Resources Management
NATO’s “Building Integrity Programme”
International Trade & Finance
Precious Metals Investing
Credit Management and Money
Cryptocurrency: Opportunity or Bust
Game Theory Applications in business, politics, & life
The law of unintended consequences Cost-Benefit Analysis
The Laffer Curve
Income Inequality
Business and Entrepreneurs
Artificial Intelligence
So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?
The Corporation as a Good Corporate Citizen
How to keep your Team Communicating
Top Ten Paying Jobs in 2023
What is the science of Chaology?
What the French Revolution taught us
The Art and Trends of Marketing
Unbiased Guide to the US Scene for New Voters
How to write and publish a book?
Manipulating Artificial Intelligence
Want to Start a Non-Profit & Change the World?
Financial Structure of Non-Profits
Organizational Communications

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