C. Michael Hogan Ph.D.
C. Michael Hogan Ph.D.
C. Michael Hogan Ph.D.

C. Michael Hogan PhD

C. Michael Hogan is a physicist with a BS from Princeton and PhD from Stanford University. An explorer at heart, he has conducted environmental research in 68 different countries. Hogan’s passion for academia led him to assume graduate faculty positions at Santa Clara University and UC Davis. Early work at Princeton included the research team that published the first decoding of a Messenger RNA (Sea urchin). He founded and led Earth Metrics Inc., a United States based environmental science think tank that conducted over 3,600 original research studies for the US EPA, FAA, US Army Corps of Engineers, USGS and 17 different State governmental agencies. With the CIA, he led teams for design of hardware and software for satellite foreign surveillance.

Dr. Hogan held a position with the National Academy of Sciences advising the U.S. President and Congress on environmental issues, notably in air and noise pollution, as well as water quality. In Hogan’s early work he led the design team for the NASA Apollo re-entry heat shield, and later focused on ferromagnetic spin-wave quantum mechanics, which is the basis of present day silicon chip manufacture. He also was project manager for the CIA first satellite system to attain high resolution video imagery that could be transmitted back to Earth in real time.

He is currently conducting research on US National Energy Policy and climate. Recent work includes a series of 90 publications developed in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund on the forests of the world. Previously served a term as Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Earth, a platform where 554 scientists published peer reviewed articles on a global perspective. Hogan has served as Chairman and CEO of Earth Metrics Inc., Argentum International Inc., First Millennium (UK firm), Lumina Technologies Inc, the Humane Society of San Mateo County and the California Arts and Sciences Institute. He has also served on the Board of the Encyclopedia of Earth, the California Association of Environmental Professionals and the Monterey Museum of Art.

Hogan has authored over 1210 scientific books and peer reviewed articles in atmospheric physics, terrestrial ecosystems and U.S. energy policy. Example publications are agriculture environmental impacts in the Cengage Encyclopedia; development of the first line source model for air pollution dispersal (EPA); the first statistical model for meteorological prediction of thermal pollution from nuclear power plants (EPA); acoustical analyses for eight major USA airports (FAA); all cetacean profiles for the Encyclopedia of Earth (in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund); new over the horizon electromagnetic missile detection hardware system (CIA); the first pesticide runoff model for the US EPA (Southeast Water Laboratory).

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